Below you will find the terms and conditions of vending at the Night Market. By submitting the application, you agree to all terms and conditions outlined below. If a vendor violates any of these policies, the NoLi CDC reserves the right to restrict them from vending at any future market. 

If you have any questions, please contact the NoLi CDC at the "contact" tab above.



North End / East End Neighbors

  • $25 Local Artists / Businesses

  • $50 Desserts / Beverages

  • $75 Food Trucks / Carts / Booths

All other Vendors

  • $50 - Local Artists / Businesses

  • $75 - Desserts / Beverages

  • $125 - Food Trucks / Carts / Booths

  • No charge for nonprofits or charitable organizations

Invoices will be sent to vendors on the Monday two weeks prior to the Night Market. In each invoice, you will find:

  • Date and Time of Night Market

  • The Vendor Fee amount, and deadline for payment

  • Consequences for lack of payment

  • Reminder of cancellation policy

Lack of payment by payment deadline will result in a $25 dollar late fee that will be adjusted on the invoice and resent to the vendor. Any vendors with outstanding fees from previous markets cannot participate in any future Night Markets until those fees have been paid. 


  • There is no charge for nonprofits or charitable organizations.


Vendors have until the Monday of the week of the Night Market to cancel and receive a full refund of their fee. Vendors that cancel on that Monday or after will not be eligible for a refund. Vendors will be expected to contact the coordinator and inform them of the cancellation regardless of the cancellation deadline stated in the application.


  • Vendors are allotted a 10'x10' booth space, with the exception of food trucks.
  • Vendors are responsible for bringing their own materials, including a tent, tables, lights, and chairs, if you want them.
  • All vendors are required to bring their own extension cord and surge protector.
  • Vendors are required to secure any and all permits required for their booth, if needed. 


  • Vendors are not allowed to be associated with any national or franchised chain establishment.  
  • Sale of illicit materials is not allowed.  
  • Sale of alcoholic beverages is not allowed, with the exception of the beer sponsor.
  • Vendors are not permitted to bring their cars onto the street.
  • Vendors who leave trash behind at their site will be restricted from participating in the next Night Market.


The day of the Night Market can get stressful and hectic, specifically during vendor setup. The Night Market takes an immense amount of time and people-power to pull off, and the chances are, NoLi CDC staff and volunteers have been on the street for many hours. We ask that vendors be respectful, and follow the following guidelines in order to make the experience positive for everyone.

  • Please respectful of NoLi CDC employees, volunteers and other vendors.
  • Please be on time to your scheduled setup time and be cooperative and respectful when setting up your booth.
  • Please be honest with your reporting. The CDC depends on accurate and honest follow-up to improve the market.


In the event of a rain out, The Night Market will be held on the following Saturday.  Vendors MUST be available for that Saturday if no future notice has been given.


With this many people coming together to enjoy delicious food and beer, trash is always going to be an issue.  NoLi CDC is working to develop standards that reduce, and ultimately eliminate, waste produced by  the Night Market.  We take a "leave no trace" approach to the Night Market, and work to accomplish this through partnerships with Seedleaf and Bluegrass Greensource, as well as through the efforts of our staff and volunteers.  

We ask all of our vendors to consider the packaging they provide with their food, beverages, and other products, in order to make them recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable wherever possible.


We want to make this a great experience for our vendors. To do this, vendors will be asked to fill out a post-Night Market evaluation form. This form will be used to give the NoLi CDC insight to the successes and challenges of each Night Market, and the impact they have on the vendors. This information will be used to analyze the Night Market and identify ways to improve how the Night Market functions. These forms will be sent out via email by NoLi CDC to the vendors on the Monday after each Night Market. 

Vendors will have one week to fill out the form. After that point a reminder email will be sent out. Failure to fill out the form after two weeks will result in forfeiting that vendor's participation in the next Night Market. If you cannot fill out the form via email, or do not have access to a computer, NoLi CDC will work with you personally to receive your information in some other format.

Thanks for reading to the end!


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