Increasingly, the NoLi CDC sees itself as a facilitator for other programs and organizations in the neighborhood. As this philosophy grows, we have taken on program collaborations with other organizations seeking to do good work in our neighborhood. 


MusicWorks, a program of Central Kentucky Youth Orchestras, is comprised of 2nd and 3rd grade students from Arlington Elementary school who learn to play violin, viola and cello from 2:45PM-5:00PM every day after school. The NoLi CDC is a founding partner and strategic ally for MusicWorks. We support MusicWorks through an endowed Artist-in-Residence program, which is part of the LuigART Makers Spaces.

MusicWorks’ philosophy is based on El Sistema, which seeks to affect social change through music education. Most of the time, the students play in the orchestra; this group activity reinforces essential musical skills while teaching the values of cooperative social interaction. They’re also instructed in other areas like theory and aural skills.

NoLi MusicWorks’ uses musical education to teach positive social values and to make all children feel they are an asset to their community. It seeks to inspire its students to achieve – in music, and in their personal and academic pursuits. MusicWorks creates young leaders who then give back to their neighborhood.


The North Pole is a you-pick community garden on the 900 block of North Limestone. Bordering Embrace Church, Arlington Elementary, and the Imperial Mobile Home Park, the North Pole Garden brings free, fresh produce to families in the heart of Lexington's Northside. It is maintained through a collaborative partnership with Seedleaf and neighborhood volunteers, and seasonal produce is available in the warm months of the year. 


We are always looking for strategic partnerships where the NoLi CDC can leverage its work to help others do good. Interested in a program collaboration with the NoLi CDC? Send us an email!