Kids Playing on Their Own Terms     

By: Onshalique L. Winters

Play Coordinator, North Limestone Community  

Monday, November 13th Kids at Arlington Elementary School, Fayette Co. Schools, KY, demonstrated great leadership by developing surveys and creating posters to ask their peers what they'd like to see in Castlewood Park in Lexington's North Limestone community.  

Playing is Fundamental: Side by side with community members to support their ideas of what an Adventure playground looks like, the students of Arlington freely shared their visions. As children, we develop gross motor skills from play. The theory behind Adventure play is to explore all of what is natural to our habitat and to allow children to lead the process of incorporating their own ideas in to their community's Park.

Partnering to Keep Children at Play: NoLi CDC's Plant and Play team is working closely with the Children at Play Network (an initiative of Bernheim) to nurture healthy communities and healthy children through Play opportunities. The adventures of outdoor play will be implemented in the upcoming slating of Castlewood Park. Our neighborhood residents can be proud to know that our elementary school children are inventors, engineers, carpenters, developers and most importantly LEADERS!

Parents and educators, you are hereby challenged to think like a kid in curriculum! Let's be more open to loose parts, tree stumps, old unused items and stuff that is natural to our area. Let's Play and Grow together.


Leichter-Saxby and Law, The New Adventure Playground Movement (2015)