The big picture and the details

Each day is a new challenge, a new task, a new hurdle to figure out how to clear without stumbling, or how to recover from stumbling, or even how to crawl under the hurdle, to get to the other side. I suspect that it is so with everyone reading this, and life in general, and not at all unique to us. But that is how it is here at NoLi, most certainly. And with each day, yesterday’s unfinished tasks remain, hurdles stacking up along the path. We each of us are going in many directions at once, directions both overlapping and disparate: making connections, corresponding, networking, dreaming up projects, developing projects, executing projects, funding projects, making it real – more to do than there is time in the day. And it is all fueled by the big picture, the dream for North Limestone, for the North Side, the prospect of what each and every project, big or small, can accomplish for the neighborhood, what asset it can create and provide, how each piece can contribute to the big picture of augmenting the vibrancy of the North Side. The big picture and the details – keeping them both in focus – each hurdle and the finish line both.