All the hats we wear

Earlier this evening, after the Bullhorn office had cleared out and the sun’s rays were getting long and golden through our windows overlooking Loudon and Lime, and as I was entering invoices into a spreadsheet, and Richard was squinting at a map tracing linework, and Jay was resting (as much as he could sitting on a yoga ball) after having spent the heat of the day taking down chainlink fence, and Haley was singing out each Facebook bump in the July 4 Night Market attendance as she worked her iPad and iPhone in tandem, and Griffin was doing more things than I can even attempt to document, it occurred to me how many hats we all wear.  Each of us, chief cook and bottle washer, and everything in between.  For my part, I am working in many directions: developing contacts and relationships on all fronts, from contractors to city staff to other like-minded organizations and individuals; setting up, breaking down, and refining budgets; dreaming up designs both grand and straight-forward and considering their relative merits, challenges, and feasibility; managing construction on the first shotgun house; and on and on… All of us are like that – and that seems to be one of our strengths – to be able to each play not just one role, but all of the roles that are required of us to keep moving forward, keep moving in the direction toward all of the goals we carry in our minds and hearts, even when to-do lists get impossibly long and minutia reigns supreme. I thought of this, and smiled to myself, and went silently back to my spreadsheet.