The LuigART Makers Spaces is a program that transforms vacant or condemned properties in the North Limestone neighborhood into affordable live/work units that respect and respond to the neighborhood's historical context.

UPDATE (7/21/2015):

Late last month, the city of Lexington's Affordable Housing Trust Fund voted unanimously to fund NoLi CDC's application to build 6 houses on York Street. The houses will be located at 130-146 York Street.  The houses will be listed to sell for $72,500, and are projected to be completed in March 2016. The properties will be deed restricted, so that they can only be owned by people who are earn 80 AMI and below for 15 years. See below for information about those thresholds (taken from

We are also proud to announce that the Planned Unit Development (PUD-2) zoning is now legally in force on NoLi CDC's 18 properties, which includes the 6 houses that will be built. What this means is that, in these structures, the zoning's Principal Permitted Uses include the following: 

Live/Work Space; Dwelling Units; Artist Studio; Artisan Food and Beverage Production; Artisan Manufacturing; Digital Makerspace; Urban Agriculture; Visiting Artist Housing; Libraries, museums, art galleries and reading rooms; Community Centers, churches and Sunday schools; Indoor theaters; Tattoo Parlors; Shoe repair, clothing alterations and tailoring services; Beauty shops and barber shops; Radio and television studios; Banks and financial institutions, without drive-through facilities; Offices for business, professional, governmental, civic, social, fraternal, political, religious and charitable organizations; Establishments for the retail sale of food products; Establishments for the retail sale of merchandise as permitted in the B-1 zone, unless prohibited by Section 22B-5(d); Common use open space and recreational areas

This means that any of these uses are permitted in the structures, provided the houses meet all codes required for that use. Of the 6 houses, 5 will be built by Crawford Builders.  Two of those 5 will be designed by Nomi Design. The other house will be a shipping container house designed and built by ReContained. If you are interested in signing up to commit to purchasing one of these houses, please click on the House Application button below.