Make your tax-deductible donation to the NoLi CDC to help facilitate our work in the North Limestone Neighborhood.



With only a few staff members, we always have the need for help with our programs. Interested in volunteering? See what we need help with right now below.


What we need help with:

During Setup
Directing vendors to their places; Keeping vehicles out of the event area; Helping vendors unload materials and set up; Running extension cords to their appropriate places (a map will be provided); Hanging lights; Setting stage area, bike racks, beer garden tables, trash receptacles, etc.

During Event
Tracking attendance with a clicker counter (clicker will be provided); Assisting in answering questions; Reporting problems to the Night Market coordinator; Polling Night Market attendees; Monitoring trash receptacles; Replacing trash bags as needed; Ensuring that items are being placed in the proper bin (recyclables in recycling bin, compostables in compost bin, etc.); Educating attendees on proper bin placement; Conducting two “sweeps” of the event space for trash. 

After Event
Collection of trash from bins; Breakdown and storage of receptacles; Conducting “sweeps” of the event area; Making sure all bags are placed in proper receptacles; Helping carry vendor materials to their vehicles; Assisting in booth breakdown; Taking down and storage of lights and stage setup; Collection and storage of extension cords; Breakdown and storage of bike racks; Breakdown and return of beer garden tables and benches.

FY2016 Sustainability work

This year we'll need help picking up trash and tires, planting street trees, as well as planting a butterfly garden on York Street, giving North Pole Garden some much-needed love and elbow-grease, and lots of other physically demanding but emotionally enriching work. Come join us - we've always got more shovels.

social media

If any of you out there would be interested in helping us bolster our online presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), we would love to have your help.