Duncan Park InfoHub

The Duncan Park InfoHUB is a community-led sculptural and functional structure. It was designed in collaboration with Felice Salmon and the many other neighbors who identified a need for many functions missing from the park - seating, communication, interaction, art, and especially solutions for all of these led by neighbors. After two and a half years of collaboration and preparation, installation of the structure was completed in Fall 2018, and, thanks to a City of Lexington Neighborhood Action Match grant, that structure will be covered with local art and sculpture in Spring 2019.

What is an Info-HUB?

Info-HUB: an art-meets-function structural hub where hardcopy publicity can be posted, information can be shared, and neighbors can gather as their paths cross through Duncan Park in Lexington, KY. This Hub will also feature local artwork, seating, signage, ball-sharing, and other elements we have heard our neighbors asking for.


This work was possible thanks to grants provided by The Kresge Foundation & Blue Grass Community Foundation, The Catherine Cropper Foundation, the E.E. Murry Foundation, and the generous support and partnership of the Martin Luther King Neighborhood Association. LFUCG Environmental Services lovingly prepared the site of this installation at the base of Duncan Park’s biggest tree. Thanks to both the Lexington, KY Parks & Recreation folks & the arborists for so carefully making space for something new to join this ancient tree.

This project wouldn’t be possible without the support of The Busybees Youth Community Group dreaming up ideas for Duncan Park and its big, beautiful trees. Particularly, the giant Burr Oak at the heart of it all. Lexington’s Community Art Cooperative paved the way for Felice and The Busybees to experiment, to create something in Duncan Park alongside inspired neighbors!